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You Are Enough!


The other day as I was driving, I noticed a sign on the side of the road that said, “Note to self, You Are Enough.”  For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with feeling like I am NOT enough.  I’m smart, but not smart enough.  Pretty, but not pretty enough.   A good friend, but not good enough.  Good daughter, good wife,  good dancer, good mom, but not quite good enough.   The list could go on and on.  Ugh…Yuck..this is not ok!  This is not God’s heart or how He views me.  This is not how He wants me to feel.

No particular person or people in my life made me feel this way.  I have personal pain and areas of shame that contributed to my feelings of “Not good enough”  but really, it’s a lie I chose to believe starting at a very young age.   There’s also pride involved….

Two summers ago, I was crying out to God, asking him to deal with this area of my heart and heal me.   The women’s group at our church was doing a devotional book called “Freedom From Performing” by a gal named Becky Harling.  Even though I didn’t attend the group, I felt  led to get the book and do the study on my own.  I can honestly say, that this book brought about huge transformation and freedom in my life!   This book has 12 chapters.  At the end of each chapter there is a short devotional section with room to write down your thoughts and answers to the questions.  My book is filled with notes and reflections.  The Lord used this book to deal with my pride, my shame, and my need to please people.   He also spoke some very sweet things to me and showed me more about who I am,  and who He’s called me to be.

He has crowned me with the beauty of being enough!  I wrote this down at the end of chapter two.  I’m not a perfect (you fill in the blank) and that is ok.   I will not do everything without fault at all times and this is ok.  I can be naked before God without shame.  I am His and He made me.   I am fully known, loved, forgiven, empowered, and pursued by Him.   I still struggle with insecurity,  but now when I’m triggered, I recognize the ugly voice that says “You are Not Enough” and I tell it to go.  “I am crowned with the beauty of being enough.”  I ask my closest friends to pray for me, and we shove that lie out the door!

Being enough doesn’t mean we don’t get healthier, fitter, stronger, grow in our relationships, grow in kindness, etc…  We do grow, we do flourish, but we do it all under grace.  We get healthier, fitter, stronger, kinder, under the umbrella of God’s love, His acceptance, and His forgiveness.  We are not striving to please people.  We don’t say yes to people or things that beg for our time because we don’t want to disappoint.  We do what we do because of our relationship with Jesus and our intimacy with Him.  He shows us how to live!  Second Peter 1:3 says, “For as you know him better, he will give you, through his great power, everything you need for living a truly good life: he even shares his own glory and his own goodness with us!” 

You are enough.  You are enough for God.  You are enough for your husband, your children, your family, your friends, and your ministry.  Whether or not you hear this from others, this is the truth.   You are not perfect and that is ok.  Only Jesus is perfect.   You have what it takes to be the wife and mommy God calls you to be.  You are God’s child and He will equip you as you put Him first.

You don’t have to compare your body to other women’s bodies.  You don’t have to compare your boobs, your butt, your face,  your hair or whatever.   You have permission from the Father to stop comparing yourself.   You can and should take care of your body, but let those comparisons go.   I have stretch marks on my belly.  I’m not crazy about these marks, but I am learning to love them because they are the result of 6 pregnancies and 6 gifts from God.   You have permission from the Father to rejoice in the unique features of your body that make you, you.  You are uniquely beautiful.  How about we as women and daughters of the King be free to rejoice in our beauty acknowledging we are created by God and in the image of God!

You don’t have to compare your talents to others.   I have extremely talented sisters.   My sister Kaitlyn is a worship pastor with an incredible voice and leadership qualities.  My sister Hannah is skilled in leaps and turns that I’ve never been able to do.  She’s an encourager and very prophetic.  My sister in law Carrie is a nurse and does things I could never even imagine being able to do.  I rejoice over their talents, and I thank God for my own.  We are all different and we all have talents.   Find out what God has gifted you in and use that gift!

You don’t have to compare your house, your car, or other “things” to what your friends have.   Be hospitable with what you have.  Be content and faithful with what you have.  Love with what you have.  I read about a lady who was so hospitable she had people in her home all of the time.  She started out in a small apartment, then God provided a bigger home again and again as they were hospitable and acknowledged that all they had belonged to the Lord.

You are enough!  Jesus loves you just as you are, and He will help you be all that He has called you to be.

If you struggle with insecurity, shame, or feelings of not being enough, I encourage you to read Freedom From Performing: Grace In An Applause-Driven World.

I also encourage you to watch Who You Are – A Message to Women


Baby Wearing

Wearing Ruthie in my silk wrap.

I love baby wearing!  My friends and family will attest to this. Not only have I been baby wearing for almost 14 years, I’ve given multiple carriers away as gifts and encouraged mommies to wear their babies.  Baby wearing is one of my top “Happy Journal” things in all of life.  I’m wearing my 10 month old on my back right now as I write.  I love having my little ones close to me while I grocery shop, cook, clean, teach, choreograph, and play.   I love knowing they are experiencing the world and learning new things from the safety of my arms and close enough to look at my face.  I love savoring the preciousness of that first year of my baby’s life by having her right at my heart.   I love the convenience of breastfeeding that comes with baby wearing.   Women all around the world for thousands of years have been wearing their babies every day. Baby wearing produces easy going, happy babies!

My baby wearing began when our first born, Josiah, was only a few weeks old.   I was 21 years young.   Josiah wanted to be held most of the time, and I wanted to hold him, most of the time.  I made a sling out of a big white sheet.  Since then, and five children later, I’ve used a Snuggli,  Baby Bjorn, Sling E-Zee, Hava Sling, Moby, Ergo, and Sakura Bloom Slings. Just recently I tried a Girasol woven wrap.  There are more carriers out there than I can count and many blogs and websites devoted to baby wearing.  I’m going to briefly give my baby wearing recommendations and then post some of my favorite baby wearing pics.

If I could only keep one baby carrier which one would it be?   The Ergo!  I’ve used my Ergo a ton.  I’ve brought it to Israel twice, Maui, Jamaica, various road trips, and of course I’ve worn it for walks, hikes, shopping trips, while gardening, cooking, cleaning, etc…  My babies and toddlers also love the Ergo.  You can wear little ones up to 45 pounds or as long as you both are comfortable.  I appreciate the convenience of wearing my little ones on my front, on my back, or on my hip.  It’s easy to get them in and out of.  It’s super comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t take up much space.  There’s a zippered pocket for keys, diapers, and it a little bag of wipes.  It also has a little sunshade that can be pulled up and snapped over baby’s head.  There you go.  The Ergo!

Oh how I love the ring sling.   My first ring sling was the Sling E-Zee .  It’s a padded ring sling that comes in a bunch of colors and patters.  I found it to be extremely comfortable and our Isabelle spent many happy hours in that sling. I wore that sling out.  I now have two Sakura Bloom ring slings, one linen sling and one silk sling.  Though I’d have to choose the Ergo if I could only have one carrier, my Sakura Bloom slings get used everyday, multiple times a day. These slings are so comfortable and beautiful.  I recently wore RuthAnne for hours in my linen sling while leading a dance camp in Lake Providence, Louisiana.  I enjoy looking at beautiful pictures of mothers and their babies in Sakura Bloom slings.  I follow several Sakura Bloom Sling Diarists who document their mothering and baby wearing experience on Instagram.   The linen sling is breathable, soft, and great for all climates including heat and humidity.  The silk is grippy, lightweight, and so beautiful.   I love the convenience of a ring sling.  You can slip it on and off in seconds and it folds up easily into your diaper bag or purse.  The ring sling is also convenient for breastfeeding, I often use the tail of my sling as a nursing cover-up.

Then there’s the wrap.  I had a Moby, but it was too hot and bulky for me.  Recently, I tried a Girasol Woven Wrap.  I find this woven wrap to be much more comfortable than the Moby. Woven wraps can be worn in many different ways. There are multiple YouTube videos dedicated to teaching Mamas wrapping technique.  I enjoyed wearing my toddler on my back.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll continue to use the woven wrap.  While it’s fun to try out different carries, I’m not sure I want to spend the time it takes to learn all the carries or to get wrapped up when I go out in public.

For a whole lot more info on baby wearing check out the .  Pretty much every question you can think of regarding baby wearing or baby wearing products is located there.

I also recommend reading Dr. Sear’s articles on baby wearing.

So now, here are those pics I promised you.

With baby Isabelle in my first sling. The Sling E-Zee.

With baby Isabelle in my first sling. The Sling E-Zee.

Judah and I by the Eiffel Tower.

Judah and I by the Eiffel Tower.

Wearing Tirzah in Israel on our first trip there.

Wearing Tirzah on our first trip to Israel.

This pic, just makes me happy. Eric wearing Tirzah as he paints next to our RV parked on the shore of Elephant Butte Reservoir in New Mexico.

Even big kids can be worn. Judah in Israel.

Even big kids can be worn. Judah in Israel.

With a little Starbucks:).

Sportin my Sakura Bloom Linen in Maple with a little Starbucks:).

Sling back carry as I wash dishes.

Sakura Bloom back carry as I wash dishes.

Front carry in the Girasol woven wrap.

Front carry in the Girasol woven wrap.

Content baby, happy mama.

Content baby, happy mama.