I am a Queen (and so are YOU)


A few weeks ago, our 5 1/2 year old Judah came running into my room first thing in the morning to tell me he had a dream. He told me that his dream was AMAZING.….He dreamed that he was outside on our deck looking at stars. God lifted him up and took him to another part of our deck near one of our trees and told him, “Your mother is a queen and she is going to be a queen for the rest of her life.”   He saw me dressed in a royal gown with a crown of jewels on my head. After telling me the dream, Judah, looked at me in a way he has never looked at me before. With adoration in his eyes he giggled and hugged me.  He kissed me and said, “You were a REAL queen.  I wonder what that dream means?”   He told all of his siblings the dream. He told Eric the dream, to which Eric responded with,  “Your mommy IS a queen.  She is queen of our house and you need to love her and honor her….”   Judah proceeded to hug me and stroke my hair and look at me with wonder the whole rest of the day.   This got me thinking.

If you are a woman who belongs to Jesus.  If you are a wife.  If you are a mother.  Then YOU are a QUEEN.   A queen is one who is married to a king.  A queen is a woman of power and authority. A queen is seated in high places.  God is King of all Kings.  Jesus is God in the flesh. We are the Bride of Christ, therefore seated in Heavenly places.  Our King says that those who overcome get to sit with Him on His throne.  He also says that if we endure, we will reign with Him.

Before Judah’s dream, I had been hearing the Holy Spirit tell me, “You are training for reigning.” I’d be doing little mundane tasks for our family or for our church and I’d hear again, “You are training for reigning.”  I wondered what this meant.  Now, I am beginning to understand.

My home is my kingdom.  My home is the place where I rule and reign.  My husband is the king of our home and I am his queen.  Under the Lordship of Jesus, together we make decisions for our family.   Together we decide who and what we will allow in, and who and what we will keep out.   We protect (as best as we can with God’s help) our little kingdom.  As I clean, cook, and organize the affairs of our household I am being the Queen of my house that God has called me to be.   Now, my castle is not perfect.   My days of ruling are filled with changing diapers, often wiping pee off of floors (accidents happen), endless loads of laundry, dishes often piled up, yard work always to be done, etc., etc., etc,….  Chickens and goats have been known to get my house.  (poop happens)  My children throw fits.  I sometimes throw fits.  My hair is often a mess.  My children’s hair is often a mess (gum happens….).  I’m not the picture of punctuality, nor would my home ever be featured in a Real Simple or Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Don’t look too close or you’ll see dust lining my bookshelves, smudges on my windows, crumbs underneath my fridge and stove.  You get the picture. (I am working on being cleaner and more organized…)

BUT….My home is more than a house.  My home is a training ground.  I am raising arrows to go out of my home and into the world, to be light and love, to make a difference for the good and glory of God!  My home is a dwelling place.  A place for God’s name to be lifted up.  A place for creativity and fun. My home is a haven, and I, queen of this home, am at the very heart of it. I am responsible for teaching my children the Word of God.  I am responsible for feeding, clothing, and caring for 6 amazing blessings.   I am a leader in every sense of the word.   I am an organizer, a planner, a nurse.  I am a teacher, a negotiator, a counselor, a chauffeur.  I am an event coordinator, a therapist, a mentor, a guard.   I am an art critic, a visionary, a fashion consultant, a journalist, a personal shopper, just to name a few.  My words bring life.  My words bring death.   My actions and attitudes affect the atmosphere of my home and of my kingdom.

I am a humble queen.   I don’t rule over lords and knights or people in high positions.  I don’t rule over large domains of land.  (Although through intercession I believe we can take dominion of lands!)  When I speak, I don’t have the audience of hundreds or thousands.  I have a house, 5 acres of land, and 6 children.  But only God knows how much land the six of them will possess! Only God knows where they are going to set their feet!  Only God knows who these 6 children will reach and what THEIR kingdoms will look like.

Sarah had one son.  She had Isaac.  Isaac means laughter.   Sarah laughed at the promise of her son.  She was too old…..too wrinkled…..too worn.  Sarai means ‘princess’.  Sarah means ‘princess of a multitude‘  When God promised Abraham a son He changed Sarai’s name to Sarah.  Sarah belonged to God.  She was HIS princess, His love, His choice to be the the mother of nations. Kings of peoples would come from her!

I am like Sarah.  Though I am too selfish, too messy, too flawed,  God chose me.  He chose to love me and to make me the mother of children.   Whether you have one child or ten.  Whether they are from your womb or adopted or spiritual children.  YOU are God’s Sarah.  You are His choice and His love.  You are HIS pick to be queen of your home and of your kingdom.   We care for our homes and children, not as a slaves , but as daughters of the King and as the Bride of Christ.  Our “humble” work may feel like endless exhaustion.  It may seem like sacrifice and striving. But God says, to she who endures, to she who overcomes, “YOU will sit with me on my throne.  YOU will reign with me.”

In Mark 10:13-15, Jesus told His disciples, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.  For such is the kingdom of God.  Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will not enter it at all.”  I’m doing kingdom work.  I am receiving children God has for me. I am humble queen to my family as I serve them, train them, and pray for them.  My children will not be little forever.   My days of being queen of my home with little ones underfoot will someday come to an end.   But when that time comes, I will not stop being a queen.  I will be a queen for the rest of my life.  YOU, will be a queen for the rest of your life.  Our kingdoms will grow as our little ones grow.  Our territories will enlarge as they venture out into this world. Those of us who are faithful in little will be made faithful in much.  Life on earth is short! Eternity is long. Our time of training here on earth as mothers is training for reigning in eternity.  

Rejoice dear mothers in the good work of motherhood God has called you to.  You are not JUST a mother.  You are not JUST a wife.  You are queen of your home and of your family.   You are impacting generations to come.   You are making a difference not just in your home, but in the nations, for eternity!

I encourage you to listen to this song called “Who But You” and remember that when you see your little children, God sees generations….











3 thoughts on “I am a Queen (and so are YOU)

  1. Serena Abdelaziz

    So powerful.
    P.S. Can’t wait to see this year’s pictures of India….your family has changed so much.

  2. Dana Forbes

    Thank you. I LOVE your blog. Thank you SO much for sharing parts of your life with the world. You have wisdom. I really enjoy getting a deeper glimpse of your heart and life. Love you!

    1. admin Post author

      You are the picture of a queen to me! I remember what Gabriel told you. You carry yourself in humble royalty.


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