How do you do all that you do?


How do you do all that you do?  I hear this question a lot.  How do you home school your children, travel with 6 kids, and lead a dance ministry?  My sister tells me I’m super woman, but I know FULL well that I’m no hero.  I do what I do because of Intimacy with Jesus.  When I get face to face with Jesus, when I’m in His Word, (even if only for 5 minutes), I am strengthened to be the wife and mommy and leader and friend He calls me to be.   When I get so close to him that I can hear his gentle voice telling me what He wants me to do and where He wants me to go, then I’m free.  I’m free to say “yes” to him and find the joy that comes from following His voice.

I recently shared one of my fears and insecurities with a friend.  She asked me, “Is more of HIM such a part of you that other thoughts have no room? We both know how our thoughts trail…God is the Author of Peace! Don’t let someone else write the pages of your life!”

I am so thankful that she told me what I needed to hear.  I was not face to face with Jesus.  I was not so close to him that His voice was drowning out lies.  Good conviction entered my heart.  I had felt frazzled, stressed out, needing a break, etc…  But my problem was not my busyness.  It was my lack of drawing near to Jesus in my busyness.

Intimacy with Jesus is the sweetest thing. There is nothing more precious and valuable then having an encounter with Jesus. I don’t want to do this life in my own strength. I don’t function well that way. When I hear Jesus’ voice telling me what to do, where to go, and what matters, then I’m full of peace.

When I’m intimate with Jesus, he shows me how to home school my children.  When I’m intimate with Jesus, he quickly gives me anointed choreography. When I’m intimate with Jesus, he tells me what I need to do to maintain my peace and joy when travelling with our little ones.  When I’m intimate with Jesus he tells me what I need to prioritize in my relationship with my husband.  When I’m intimate with Jesus he tells me what I need to say “no” to and when I need to rest.   When I’m too busy to listen and get face to face with Him, I become stressed out, full of fear, and “works” take the place of relationship.  I lose my joy and I begin to feel like I can’t do all that I do.  And the truth is, I can’t do all that I do.  Without Jesus, I can’t do what I do.  He’s my source, He’s my vision, He’s my help.  

I want my life to be a constant conversation between me and my Savior.  I want to constantly be intimate with Jesus and everything I do to flow out of my intimacy with Him.  I’m not there yet….but I am thankful that He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 1:6)

If you know Jesus, I encourage you to seek Him first.  Get face to face with Him, so close that you can hear His voice telling you how much He loves you, what He has for you, what He wants from you, and you’ll be able to do all that He calls you to do.

2 thoughts on “How do you do all that you do?

  1. Carey

    This post was so beautiful and spot on! I’m actually riding in the car headed out of town for a week with our family of 5. It was a mad rush of packing and loading and I’m sure, forgetting something! Ha! As you know my husband is a farmer and we usually have less than 24 hours notice for trips (it rained so we can go type of deal) I was so stressed trying to get on the road that I know I looked and acted like a crazy person running through the house packing. I kept asking Jesus to help me remember everything, help me calm down but then when I’d hear him whisper back “slow down. You’ll leave when you leave. ” I would choose rushing and stress. Thank goodness my husband accepted my apology for my short tone and we are on our way now. But anyway, this post was just what I needed! To remember Jesus is where my peace is, my calm, my refuge. And when He whispers, I need to choose obedience. Things never work when I do it my way in my own strength! Thanks for sharing your heart!! I’m enjoying “getting to know you better” :)

    1. admin Post author

      Carey, thank you and I pray you have a great trip! You radiant peace and calm. I’ve observed this just from the few times I’ve seen you. Hope to see more of you in LP!


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